OneMap Status

API Status
Authentication Service Available
Search Available
Reverse Geocode(SVY21) Available
Reverse Geocode(WGS84) Available
4326(WGS84) to 3857 Available
4326(WGS84) to 3414(SVY21) Available
3414(SVY21) to 3857 Available
3414(SVY21) to 4326(WGS84) Available
3857 to 3414(SVY21) Available
3857 to 4326(WGS84) Available
Check Theme Status Available
Get Theme Info Available
Get All Themes Info Available
Retrieve Theme Available
Planning Area Polygons Available
Names of Planning Area Available
Planning Area Query Available
Economic Status Data Available
Education Status Data Available
Ethnic Distribution Data Available
Work Income For Household (Monthly) Available
Household Size Data Available
Household Structure Data Available
Income from Work Data Available
Industry of Population Data Available
Language Literacy Data Available
Marital Status Data Available
Mode of Transports to School Data Available
Mode of Transport to Work Data Available
Occupation Data Available
Age Data Available
Religion Data Available
Spoken Language Data Available
Tenancy Data Available
Dwelling Type Household Data Available
Dwelling Type Population Data Available
Route Available
Static Map Available
Site Status
OneMap Available
Population Query Available
One Historical Map Available
API Documentation Available
Technical Discussion Forum Available
Map Gallery Status
Historical Maps Gallery Available
Basemap Status
Maps (XYZ/Slippery Map) Available
Maps (TileJSON) Available
MapServices (WMS/WMTS/TMS) Available
Service Status
Mini Map Generator Available
Mini Map Available
Advanced Mini Map Generator Available
Advanced Mini Map Available
Static Map Generator Available
KML-Draw Available
Singapore Map Available

Last updated: 27 August 2021, 6:50 am